Join Ritmi

Being part of a Network means expanding one’s horizons, working in synergy with various organizations from north to south of Italy, sharing projects and co-designing innovative inclusion tools.

Since 2008, the Network has been promoting and spreading the themes of financial inclusion through projects, events, seminars, stimulating research activities and sector growth. As part of the European Microfinance Network, the Network facilitates the exchange of experiences between Italy and Europe, pooling best practices.

The Network plays a supportive role for microcredit operators through training initiatives, capacity building, and advocacy.

Who can join?

  • Banking Foundations
  • Banking Operators
  • Microcredit Operators
  • Guarantors and other service providers
  • Non-financial service providers
  • Anti-usury Foundations
  • Charitable Associations
  • All entities that are committed to the development of the microfinance sector.