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The Italian Microfinance Network – RITMI – was created in February 2008, on the initiative of institutions operating in the microfinance field. In particular, subjects operating in Italy, microcredit and microfinance consultancy companies, study and research centers, private and public associations, solidarity and charitable organizations, promoters, and donors.

The creation of new entrepreneurship, programmes promoting equal opportunities, ethical finance experiences are the activities developed within the Network. Among the working priorities of Ritmi, besides credit to the non-bankable, there is the issue of over-indebtedness and the mortgage crisis.

RITMI is committed, among the institutions practicing microcredit and microfinance, to satisfy the operational needs of these institutions at the political level, to give more political, economic and social visibility to microcredit and microfinance in our country.

President: Giampietro Pizzo

Vicepresident: Heidi Ceffa

Emanuele Cabras – Coopfin
Lucio Ciardo – Fond. De Grisantis
Gaetano Giunta – Fond. di Comunità di Messina
Massimo Laccisaglia – Microcredito d’impresa
Andrea Limone – Permicro
Adriano Pallaro – Banca Etica

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  • Fighting social and financial exclusion
  • Supporting the creation of new entrepreneurship and employment
  • Development of financial education and community engagement actions

RITMI collaborates with a number of international network

Albanian Microfinance Association, AsCAR RV, Asociación Española de Microfinanzas, Association of Microfinance Institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Association of Microfinance institutions of Kosovo, European Microfinance Network, Fejer Enterprise Agency, Treball Solidari, Hungarian Microfinance Network, Microfinance Center, Monte Credit, NOA.Financojme, Patria Credit, Patria Bank, Romanian Microfinance Association, UNCAR.

Our associates

Ricrediti is a social promotion association established in Parma in 2010. It provides financial education

Since its creation in 2007, PerMicro has been the largest financial inclusion company in Italy

Labins is a cooperative social enterprise founded in 2013 by a team of professionals who

The first and only Italian bank, established in 1999 as a cooperative society for shares,

“Società Finalizzata allo Sviluppo della Cooperazione S.p.A., Coopfin provides financial resources to meet the needs

“Fidipersona” is a cooperative microcredit company established in Ancona in 2014. It aims to support

The Finetica Association aims to promote the culture of ethical and solidarity finance as a

The Foundation was established in 2004 and exclusively pursues purposes of social solidarity, following the

The Mons. Vito De Grisantis Foundation exclusively pursues purposes of social solidarity by assisting unemployed

The Nashak Foundation is a non-profit organization. Its purpose, limited to the geographical area of

This company, as an instrumental entity of the eponymous Foundation, is a microcredit operator under

Fondazione Un raggio di luce Onlus primarily operates in the field of international cooperation with

Its mission is to provide opportunities and temporary income support to individuals residing or working

“GOEL – Gruppo Cooperativo” is a community of individuals, businesses, and social cooperatives that was

It promotes and supports the local social economy and the third sector through a center

MECC is an entity in ethical finance engaged in microcredit activities, structured as a cooperative

Microcredito di Impresa – MDI S.p.A is a microcredit operator, regulated by Article 111 of

It is a company specialized in the international microfinance sector. It operates in Europe, Africa,

The “MicroLab Association” in Italy has been working since 2003 to promote and enhance social

Impact Hub is an international network of individuals who aim to develop projects that generate

The “Forum per la Finanza Sostenibile” is a non-profit association whose mission is “the promotion

Cofidi Sviluppo Imprese is a Consortium based on mutualistic principles and is non-profit in nature.

Mondial Fidi is a limited liability mixed-type guarantee cooperative established in 1986 by a small

The “San Matteo Apostolo” Anti-Usury Foundation, a member of the National Consultation Against Usury, is

Our Partners

Forum per la Finanza Sostenibile
Movimento consumatori
Banca Etica
European Microfinance Network
Galileo Network
Impact hub Roma
Ottobre Edufin
European Microfinance Day