Antiusura S. Matteo Apostolo Foundation

Charitable organization

The “San Matteo Apostolo” Anti-Usury Foundation, a member of the National Consultation Against Usury, is a volunteer organization based in Cassano Allo Ionio and serves as the leading organization among the Anti-Usury Foundations in the Calabria region. It was officially established on March 7, 1996, with an explicit Christian motivation, as part of an initiative for the human development promoted by the Italian Catholic Church and following the directives of the Italian Episcopal Conference (C.E.I.).

The “San Matteo Apostolo” Anti-Usury Foundation in Cassano is a non-profit organization that operates in the regional territory. It is dedicated to promoting solidarity, prevention, and a culture of legality in matters related to money, loans, and related issues. In a broader sense, it is recognized as a qualified entity by the Ministry of Economy and Finance for its activities in preventing usury, in accordance with Article 15 of Law 108/96.

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